Fir Grove Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) welcomes you!


HUGE thanks to community partners Beaverton Christian Church, Lionheart Coffee Company, Pilgrim Lutheran Church, and SuperPlay for their generosity!

Beaverton Christian Church has been a wonderful partner to Fir Grove PTO for many years and has helped in a variety of ways. This summer, BCC made a large donation to assist with school supply costs. That money will help the PTO provide lots of supplies for at-home learning! Thank you, BCC!

Lionheart Coffee Company provided free sack lunches during the weeks that BSD was unable to supply lunches at Fir Grove over the summer. Thank you, Lionheart!

Pilgrim Lutheran Church┬ábecame one of our community partners and donated funds to help support our families in this trying time. Thank you, Pilgrim Lutheran, and special thanks to Lindsay Ruhnke (who Fir Grove students know as “Miss Lindsay”) for making this partnership happen! BSD WE Awards video about Fir Grove’s partnership with Pilgrim Lutheran

SuperPlay has continuously offered donations for free bowling and gift certificates for previous fun runs and other Fir Grove events. Thank you, SuperPlay!

Last but certainly not least, thank YOU, Fir Grove volunteers! You help make our community wonderful! Thank you so much!!!